You can use a cloud server for larger or several sites, blogs, e-shops… and there are many more uses. It is the perfect solution for websites that are becoming too big for shared hosting. Furthermore, it provides the flexibility to adapt your solution to your growing needs. 

It is sure to increase performance and it offers additional guarantees. A managed cloud solution provides a hosting environment that will make all your worries disappear.

Cloud hosting offers many more advantages besides the management part. Because of the use of modern technologies there is less chance of downtime. It allows you the flexibility to adapt the solution to the growing needs of your project, which is an added benefit from a budget point of view.

There are two ways to grow. On a one-off basis: at peak times such as media campaigns or when there is a sudden interest in your site. On a permanent basis: you can gradually adapt the solution. In the case of bigger projects you may want to opt for several cloud-instances, a redundant setup or load-balancing.

The cost of each cloud server mainly depends on the desired working memory that is reserved for your project.

As a B2B company we know perfectly well how to manage your servers. Openminds is known for its fully managed solutions. This means we guarantee full support, monitoring and backups so you don’t have to worry about your website and projects staying online.

If you have a problem or query, our door is always open. Our team is always at your disposal and happy to help you with all your questions, from budding cloud projects to redundant setups.

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We already provide support to various web agencies, online marketing companies, authorities, freelancers, SMEs, and other companies in their daily activities. We are a one stop shop for all your queries about hosting.

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