In order to offer our managed hosting services we use two naked data centre spaces in Belgium. Openminds also provides for colocation in these data centres. We supply the physical space, power and network guarantees.

We have a data centre space at LCL, in Brussels (Diegem), at the heart of the internet nerve centre of the country. A second space is located in DCGent (Sint-Denijs-Westrem), near our offices. In both centres our racks are stored in a private space that is completely closed off. This is how we ensure that ‘outsiders’ do not go anywhere near our (and your) material. It also means that we can organize the data floors according to our quality requirements and that we carry out our own checks.

Next to our own servers there is room for our customers who are looking for a colocation solution for their own equipment. We can provide you with separate units, entire racks or even your own private space. We are also happy to advise you on the choice of servers, switches and routers, as well as on remote-hands or VPN services.

In both data centres you can connect to our own fully redundant network (up to 10GE). Furthermore, you can choose to use your own dark fibre connections or to connect to one of the available carriers via a ‘Meet-Me-Room’ connection.

A mutual glass fibre connection between the two data centres allows for failover or disaster recovery solutions.

The operators of the datacentres are in charge of the redundant power supply (including redundant backup batteries and generators) and cooling systems. We regularly consult their technical team about (green) power supply, the extension of the cooling facilities etc.