If you are looking for a powerful, dedicated solution for your website, we can provide you with dedicated servers, tailored to your project.

Dedicated server hosting is probably the oldest form of hosting. A customer rents a server that is fully tailored to fit his requirements. Purely dedicated servers are less often deployed as a consequence of the technical revolution that constitute virtualization and cloud hosting. Nevertheless, they still have their use and we continue to provide this service. We think we can give dedicated server hosting a new lease of life as a building block of a well performing solution.

Private cloud

A customer who needs several cloud instances should opt for dedicated servers on which to operate his own private cloud. We then build exactly the same solution as for our own virtual environments. This allows you to develop your own scalable and robust private cloud. The available system resources are distributed amongst the different parts of your project(s).

Processing power and disk space

A dedicated server guarantees the customer exclusive processing power and disk access. For the transfer of data or applications that require intensive calculations (such as busy databases, video or photo conversion) the guaranteed system resources are often the reason why a dedicated server is the best option.

A dedicated server is also often appropriate for applications that require storing large amounts of data.

Our customers do not need to invest in a server themselves. For a monthly flat rate we provide the server and take care of the installation of the software. Thanks to our fully managed support package you will sleep soundly. We arrange the necessary support contracts with our suppliers and make sure we have the spare parts in order to respond quickly to any problems.

Technical specifications


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