A domain name is the door to your web space. It is, so to speak, your calling card. It should entice visitors to take a look at your website.

Obviously a domain name needs an extension, the TLD (Top Level Domain such as .be, .nl, .com,...). Openminds is a DNS.be agent and EurID registrar, amongst others, and can offer almost any domain extension.

When purchasing a hosting package from Openminds you will automatically receive a free domain name, but you are not obliged to register your domain name with us. You can pick and choose.

Why register your domain name with Openminds?

Openminds manages the full domain registration system (DRS) on behalf of various customers. From the registration, the management of name servers to invoicing. In short, Openminds guides every customer from A to Z and provides maximum support.

What is the cost of a domain name?

Openminds uses both standard and exotic TLDs. Standard TLDs from Openminds cost 25 euro per year (30.25 euro VAT included). Every shared hosting package includes the registration or extension of one ‘standard’ name.


Let’s say you build websites but you want Openminds to provide the support, guarantees and advice for the domain name. That is possible! As a partner of Openminds you can profit from the advantages of volume sales and other price advantages.

Should you have any additional questions or comments on the registration of a domain name with Openminds, please contact us. We will be glad to help.