We no longer offer shared hosting to new customers as of July 2017.

Following our acquisition by Intelligent, we found that our shared hosting packages fit better with the services of our sister company, Combell. This gives us the opportunity to focus on highly-customised cloud hosting and offering advice on total solutions.

Not to worry!

If you are looking for that one small hosting package, you should check out Combell's offer at https://www.combell.com/en/hosting/web-hosting. We recently entrusted them with our existing shared hosting packages.

However, if you are looking for multiple shared hosting packages because you develop web applications and want to host them per project? Contact us and we'll look at your needs and our services together.


We already provide support to various web agencies, online marketing companies, authorities, freelancers, SMEs, and other companies in their daily activities. We are a one stop shop for all your queries about hosting.

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