We already provide support to various web agencies, online marketing companies, authorities, freelancers, SMEs and other companies in their daily activities. We are a one stop shop and offer fully managed solutions with SLAs, cloud solutions, domain names etc.

If you wish to provide the same support and guarantees to your own customers you can choose between two partner or reseller programmes. This way you and your end users can benefit from our solutions.

Why become a partner of Openminds?

  1. You get a discount on the total cost of the solution.
  2. Simple and well-organised payments.
  3. Guarantees and certainty for all parties involved.
  4. You can always fall back on our technical team.
  5. ISO 9001 certified solutions.
  6. Years of experience and expertise through a passion for technology.

Programme 1: Bring in a customer

If you bring in a customer or a project you don’t have any obligations. Your customer will receive clear instructions about the SLA, availability and support. However, you remain his contact point for technical issues relating to the web application that you set up for him but we will contact your customer directly about the invoicing. You can rely on Openminds both for technical and sales matters.

How & what?

  • Your customer becomes a direct customer of Openminds.
  • We provide first-line support to the customer.
  • We invoice your customer at our standard rate.
  • One off kickback, calculated on the basis of the yearly turnover of the customer and the partner.

Programme 2: You remain the intermediary

If you act as an intermediary on behalf of your customer the end user has one contact point and we provide second-line support to your people. Obviously, you benefit from the same advantages and you can continue to draw on the added value of Openminds and rely on our experts. Your customer will never be in touch with Openminds.

How & what?

  • As a partner you act as an intermediary.
  • You are in charge of first-line support and of the invoicing.
  • Openminds provides second-line support to your people.
  • Yearly kickback, calculated on the basis of the yearly turnover of the partner.

In concrete terms

For each project you decide on a programme and inform Openminds about your decision. The exact amount or percentage of the discount or kickback is subject to an agreement between you and Openminds. It can vary depending on the project and the added services. We are happy to discuss the details of these programmes in person.